Working with Lighthouse Virtual Assistant in seven easy steps

Lighthouse Virtual Assistant business cardsFor most people working with a virtual assistant is a new concept so for my blog this week I thought I’d run through how I work and how using my services can help your business.

A virtual assistant (VA) can come from a variety of business backgrounds with an area of expertise (mine is PR and marketing). For more details on my work background click here.

I work for charities, businesses or individuals to help reduce their daily workload and use a range of methods to achieve this including email, Skype, phone and the internet.

The advantage of working with Lighthouse Virtual Assistant is that you do not need to provide me with any office space or equipment as I work remotely from my own office and you will only pay for the work that I actually carry out. I also use an hours tracker which provides a detailed report of the hours worked and can be emailed directly to you.  My independent contractual status also means you do not have the responsibility of providing me with employee taxes, benefits or insurance.

Once you have decided that working with me is the way forward then the following steps can take place:

  1. If you know precisely which of my services you can utilise you’re more than welcome to send me an email with your requirements
  2. If you need some guidance to identify how I can help free up some of your time I am happy to have an informal chat on the phone
  3. Once we’ve established your requirements I will send you a quote summarising the work required and the cost to carry it out
  4. If you’re happy with the quote I will send you my contract along with my Terms and Conditions which must be signed by both parties
  5. Once the work is carried out to your requirements I will return it to you as agreed in the contract (email, courier, post etc.)
  6. I never take on any work that is outside my area of expertise (I have lots of contacts that may be able to help you if I can’t) or that I feel I cannot complete in the requested time-scale
  7. All new clients receive a 10% discount

If you are ready to lighten your workload by utilising Lighthouse Virtual Assistant and get back to focusing on your core business then please don’t hesitate to contact me via the website, email or phone 07794 358497.


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