Tips for creating great email marketing content

Creating great email content

My recent blog looked at the importance of email marketing and why you should be doing it to help get you more clients.  Building trust and relationships with your current and potential clients is what will make them more likely to buy from you in the future and this form of marketing helps to do this. In this blog I give you some tips on how to make your content fabulous so that your customers keep coming back for more!

  1. Keep your content nice and simple. Don’t use industry jargon that your audience may not understand. Try and relax the way you write, make it a bit more informal like you’re writing to a friend.

    Use a call to action so your subscribers know what you want them to do

    Use a call to action so your subscribers know what you want them to do

  2. Keep the sub headings within your email/newsletter punchy – business owners are busy so your simple text will allow them to scan over the content quickly.
  3. Use a call to action – what do you want the reader to do after they’ve finished reading your email? Do you want them to sign up for more? contact you?
  4. Know your target audience (yes that one again!). The more you know about those on your list the more you can tailor your content to them so they want to know more.
  5. Make sure your content is up to scratch – it’s all very well sending an email that looks pretty but if the advice and information within is poor people will unsubscribe.
  6. If you’re promoting an offer include a deadline so that people only have a certain time to claim it.  This makes people act quicker on taking up your offer rather than thinking ‘oh I’ve got loads of time to
    Proof read your content

    Proof read your content

    claim that as there’s no deadline’ and then they forget about it.

  7. Make sure you proof read your emails so that your content looks professional. Perhaps get someone else to read over them for you.

If you would like some help creating your emails and newsletters then this is a service I offer to my clients.  Contact me for your free consultation to see how I can help you.

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