Tips for choosing business promotional items

Promotional items are a great way to get your business name out there and in the forefront of your customer’s minds.  They can be used when you attend an event, to welcome a new client or to thank someone for a referral.  To help you with the right item for your business I have listed my top seven tips for choosing the best gift:

  1. Is the item something your client would be pleased to receive and is it something they need?  For example I once managed a campaign aimed
    Choose items that will last -pick a post-it-note holder over just post-it-notes.

    Choose items that will last -pick a post-it-note holder over just post-it-notes.

    at bikers and so we gave away branded bike stands (pucs) and lanyards.

  2. Make sure your logo fits onto the gift properly so it looks professional and if there’s room don’t forget to include your website address.
  3. Is the item you are choosing reliable? If it breaks easily this will reflect badly on your business.  Ask for some samples from your supplier before you purchase the product so you can test the quality.
  4. Think carefully when choosing branded clothing.  Not everyone will want to wear items with your logo on.
  5. Pick products that are different to the ones your competitor uses, this will make you stand out.
  6. Choose items that will last – for example instead of post-it-notes send a post it note holder that will remain on your client’s desk longer.thank-you-829902__180
  7. Give a gift as a thank you for a referral, your client will feel valued.

If you need further advice on picking the right promotional gifts to promote your business then you can contact me on 01303 647101 or email

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