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Tips for Twitter

Why there’s no need to be terrified of Twitter!

Twitter has approximately 313 million users with 500 million tweets a day and 78% of people view this platform via their mobile phone. Pop star Katy Perry has the biggest number of followers at more than 94 million!  With these figures, it’s understandable that quite a few clients I speak to seem very confident with Facebook but shy of Twitter. Once you get started, however, it’s very easy to use and with the huge statistics I mention you can see why it will be an advantage for you as a business to use Twitter. When you get started you will see that you have a profile of your business just as you would on other platforms.  Twitter is limited to 140 characters per post so you need to keep your tweets short and sweet.  Here are a few of my top tips to get you started:

1. Pick a suitable profile picture
Fill out all your contact details on your profile so it’s easy for others to see what you do and so they can get in touch. Set up a profile picture, this might sound obvious but I see lots of people who leave the standard avatar which looks unprofessional.  As I provide a service I use a picture of myself as this makes my profile look personal and shows there is a real person behind the brand. Your business may lend itself to a logo so choose a picture that works best for you.

                 Personalise your Twitter profile picture

2. What on earth is a hashtag?
Hashtags are used to flag up a particular topic and allow people to find you. So if you’re tweeting about weddings you would use the hashtag ‪#‎Wedding They are also a great way to help you find people to connect with, so search using the hashtag for your ideal client, for example, #smallbusiness

3. Engage to build relationships
Search for topics you’re interested in (i.e. marketing) and then follow these people, most will follow you back.  You can then engage by tweeting, quoting, liking and re-tweeting their posts to build a relationship.

4.  Use photos  
The Twitter feed moves quickly so use photos with your tweets where appropriate as your audience is more likely to see them and engage with you.

5. Be consistent 
Tweet frequently to keep your followers engaged. Try for at the very least once a day, three or four if you have the time. People won’t be online all the time so tweeting often will ensure more reach for your posts. Scheduling tweets in advance can help cut down the time it takes to post.  

6. How to create lists 
As your profile grows with more followers it can be tricky to keep up with your favourite connections.  This is where creating lists can be very useful.  You can create a list around a certain topic such as marketing.  You then add all the profiles related to that area to the list and it makes it easy to find them and their tweets. To create a list pop to your profile, click the ‘list’ button and click ‘add’.

Engage with your followers to build relationships

   Engage with your followers to build                        relationships

7. Share your Twitter handle across all your marketing platforms
Include your Twitter handle in as many places as possible such as your email signature, blog, other social media accounts and website to make it easy for people to connect with you.  You can find me here: www.twitter.com/RachelLHVA

If you need help setting up your Twitter account I offer one to one tutorials to show you how and give you some tips to get you started. I can also write, schedule and manage your Twitter feed so it’s one less job to worry about. Contact me for your free half an hour consultation:  rachel@lighthouseva.co.uk or 01303 647101