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Newsletter ideas for your small business

7 ideas for your business newsletter

Why use newsletters?

Newsletters are a great way to connect directly with your target audience. This type of e-marketing builds relationships and trust with both your current and potential clients and is a great way to keep you at the forefront of their minds should they need your service or product. Building an email list is crucial to building your small business so have a sign up link on your website and share this across your social media platforms.

There is some great software about to help you make your newsletters look professional, I personally use Mailchimp as I find it very easy to use.  It gives you templates to work with, statsistics once you’ve sent your campaign and is free up to a certain number of subscribers. It also makes sure your emails comply with the spam regulations and gives people the option to unsubscribe should they wish.

So now you undertsand why you should be sending newsletters (see my more detailed blog about this) and how certain software can help you make them look fabulous, what on earth do you write about?! This seems to be a real problem for people and they feel that people just won’t be interested in what they have to say.  If people weren’t interested they wouldn’t sign up, so don’t disappoint!  Here are just a few of my ideas to get you started writing and remember: don’t get carried away and send people a daily email as people will unsubscribe.  I only send my newsletters once a month but it will depend on the industry you work in as to how often you need to pop into people’s inboxes.

7 ideas for your newsletter topic:

  1. A how to
    Show your audience how to do something so that they gain value from your advice.  Could you tell them how to write a policy or share a video on how to make that perfect flower arrangement?
  2. Case study
    Give an example of a certain problem or task that you have solved for your client and how doing so has helped their business – have you helped them reduce their costs or brought them new customers?
  3. Employee profile
    Tell your clients about your staff members, this makes you look human and helps your customers get to know you and your team better.
  4. Business news
    A newsletter is a great way to share news about your business such as new staff, an award you have won or your new office location.
  5. Questions and Answers
    Have a Q & A newsletter. If you get asked the same questions often then chances are lots of people are wondering the same thing, address these in your E-Marketing.
  6. Giveaways
    These don’t need to break the bank but can be a great way to increase engagement and give those that have taken the time to sign up to your newsletter an exclusive little something back to say thank you.  Ideas could include a promotional discount, free product, or entry to a raffle.
  7. Testimonials
    You can’t beat a recommendation from someone else so when you get these make sure you share them via your newsletter.  If you can, use a video as there’s nothing better than actually seeing the ‘real’ person behind that testimonial.

These are just a few ideas to get you started, I’d love to hear your own suggestions so please do leave me comment below.

If you don’t have time to write your own newsletters then get in touch and I can do it for you!

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Email: rachel@lighthouseva.co.uk

YouTube will help market your business

7 YouTube tips for small businesses

YouTube Background

YouTube now has one billion users with 4 billion video views per day!  Everything seems to be moving towards creating great video content and this includes in the business industry. With these figures, small businesses should be looking at including YouTube in their marketing strategy to help promote their business and build relationships with their target audience. Video is a great way of showing the face behind ‘the brand’ and your personality, after all it’s you that makes your business unique!

My tips below will help get you started:

  1.  Personalise your account with your branding
    Setting up an account is easy and once you have done this make sure you personalise your Channel so that the description and cover picture match the branding across the rest of your social media.  Canva.com is a great tool to create graphics for this and already has a template to work with.
  2. Engage
    Engage with other users, look for other small business channels in your local area or within your industry to subscribe to and interact with.

    Make sure your cover details match the rest of your branding

    Make sure your cover details match the rest of your branding

  3. Make it easy for people to find you
    When naming your video think how someone might search for that topic in Google and try to include this in the title.
  4. Describe your video clearly
    Fill out the description box for each video so that it’s clear what the subject is and use tags so that your content can be found easily.
  5. Evaluate
    I always talk about how important it is to find out if your marketing is working.  YouTube has an insights tab for each video so that you can see how people found your video as well as how many views it received.

    Promote your channel in your newsletter and across other social media platforms.

    Promote your channel in your newsletter and across other social media platforms.

  6. Content ideas
    If you’re stuck for ideas on content then here are a few ideas: try giving tips and advice, show how to do or make something, upload a video testimonial from one of your clients, showcase your product or service, interview a team member or industry leader.
  7. Promote, promote!
    Don’t forget to promote your Channel across your other social media platforms and in your e-marketing.

My YouTube Channel has lots of free marketing and business advice so pop over and subscribe.