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Seven killer tips for Facebook marketing

Facebook marketing is a great way to promote your business.  The platform has approximately 1.3billion users and if you use their adverts correctly you can be very specific when targeting your audience.  For example, if you work in the wedding industry you can ask the adverts to be to shown to women only, in a certain age range, in your local area and who are engaged.  Approximately 70% of consumers will look at a business Facebook page before they visit your website or shop so it is key to have a page to stand alongside all your other marketing tools.

Below I share some of my tips on how to get the best out of Facebook marketing for your business page:

1. Have a full profile
Make sure your profile is fully completed so that it looks professional and your followers know how to contact you easily.

2. Change of your cover picture
Change your cover photo now and then.  It could be used to reflect a special promotion or particular time of the year and will help to make your offer and brand more prominent.

3.  Freebies
Everyone loves a free giveaway so try and think what you could give your followers for free to help them with their business.  The freebie doesn’t need to break the bank – it could be a template business document (you can gain email addresses when you ask people to download),  or show how to use a certain piece of software.  This all helps in building relationships and your followers will then be more likely to buy from you.

4.  Use your call to action button
Are you making use of your call to action button? The button can be set to ‘contact us’ ‘book now’ or ‘sign up’ and can direct people to your website. Here is a video tutorial on how to change your button:

5.  Be mindful of your target audience
You may be penalised if you post the same message across all your social media platforms using scheduling software.  Your audience will be different on each so remember to tweak it appropriately.

6.  Post at the right time for your audience
Make sure you post your content at the right time for your audience. The ‘insights’ button shows you a whole range of useful information about your fans from when they are most likely to be online to how much they are engaging with you.

FB screen shot of times to post

7. Be patient
Any form of marketing can take 6-12 months before you see it start to take effect. So you can’t expect to post for a week on Facebook and then get lots of sales.  Social media is about building your reputation, brand and profile as well as trust and relationships with your followers.

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