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Do I need a business Facebook page?

Facebook now has 1.5 billion users and so promoting your business on this platform can be a smart move but people ask do I need a business Facebook page‘ or can I just use my personal page?

Firstly, as I always advise, make sure that Facebook is the correct platform for your business.  Is it where you are most likely to find to your ideal client?  If it is then setting yourself up on Facebook is a great way to build relationships with current and potential customers.

I feel very strongly that you should have a business Facebook page separate to your personal one.  Firstly it makes you look more professional – who wants their clients to see them in the pub or tagged in a slightly offensive meme! I will never friend request a business as I don’t want someone I don’t know to see all my personal details and so this is a sure way to lose any potential ‘likers.’

My Facebook page

Lighthouse Virtual Assistant Facebook page

One of the other huge advantages of having a business Facebook page is that you only get the ‘insights’ button with it.  This is how can you can track how effective your posts are, when you should be posting and other fab marketing tools (see my Facebook blog to get more tips).  To not track your marketing efforts is a waste of time.

It's crucial your customers know where to find you

It’s crucial your customers know where to find you

Your business page also gives you the opportunity to list your contact details, which is obviously extremely important, and you can link to your website, include a call to action and now even list your individual services.

Facebook also penalises you by not showing as many of your posts in news feeds and can even shut your page down if using your personal page as a business one.

So if you’re thinking of setting up on Facebook make sure you get a separate business page.  I offer one-to-one tutorials (the social media stress buster tutorial) to show you how to set up and get the best from your social media, as well as managing client’s platforms so if I can help you please email: rachel@lighthouseva.co.uk You will also find Lighthouse Virtual Assistant on Facebook.