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Christmas marketing tips

Christmas marketing tips for small businesses

It’s that time of year again!

As Christmas approaches people urgently shop to try and find the right present for their loved one and enough food to feed an army! No matter what type of business you run you can take advantage of this to help boost your sales.

So to help you plan ahead I have listed below some of my tips on how to create your Christmas marketing campaign:

1. Target the right people
Remember that even though it’s Christmas you still need to make sure you’re targeting the people most likely to buy from you, so think about where they will see your Christmas campaign message – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, newspapers etc.

How can your product or service save people time during the busy festive period?

How can your product or service save people time during the busy festive period?

2. Think convenience
At Christmas time everyone is extremely busy so convenience is a must. Think about how your product or service can save people time during this busy period. Could you offer to organise Christmas business parties? Could you promote how easy it is to buy from your online shop to avoid the crowds on the high street?

3. Use the same Christmas branding
Make your branding ‘Christmassy’ and use this across your campaign including your social media cover pictures and email marketing promotions. The graphics software Canva that I’ve talked about before is great for doing this.

4. Say thank you 
Could you give your customers something as a Christmas gift to thank them for their loyalty and custom over the year? Perhaps a discount voucher or a product to try for free?


Send your clients a thank you for their custom over the last year

5. Remind customers of important dates 
Remind customers that they only have a certain number of days to buy:  ‘3 days left to buy to guarantee Christmas delivery.’

6. Reduce stress for your customers
Can you offer a product or service that can help reduce stress over the Christmas period? Here are a few ideas:

~ offer a Christmas card writing service
~ if you work in the massage therapy industry how about offering foot massages at busy shopping centres?
~ if you’re a cleaner you could promote that you’ll get houses spic and span for all those visiting relatives
~ a gardener could offer to help set up a beautiful Christmas display in the front garden.
There are lots of ideas that you can offer depending on your business.

7.  Late night shopping  
If you own a shop you can tie in with the late night shopping events that often happen at this time of year. Offer a gift wrapping service or a special Christmas discount.

8. Promote offers
Don’t forget to promote your Christmas offers across your social media platforms, in a blog and to those who have subscribed to your email list.

Make time for yourself this Christmas and automate tasks where you can

Make time for yourself this Christmas and automate tasks where you can

9.  Look after YOU!
It’s so important to look after yourself and take time out when you run your own business, so my last Christmas marketing tip is to make sure you automate your tasks where you can over the holiday period and take time out for you.  Schedule your social media for example so you can go and have a wonderful relaxing time with your family.

If you need help to keep on top your Christmas workload or need a hand with your seasonal marketing campaign then pop me an email.


Wishing you a very relaxing Christmas,

Signature one