Tips for a stress free Christmas when you run your own business

How to have a calm Christmas holiday

The Christmas holidays are almost here again and when you run your own business the thought of the holidays looming can fill you with dread wondering how you’re going to juggle everything. You have work to manage, presents and food to buy, possibly more than one over-excited small person and family and friends to squeeze in, which can all lead to a rather stressful time!

A busy time of year!

A busy time of year!

Let’s face it most of us started our own business so that we can manage that work/life balance better so this should also apply this time of year.  With a bit of careful planning, you can have the best of both worlds and keep your clients and your family and friends happy. Below I share some of my tips for a stress-free Christmas:

  1. Plan ahead by scheduling
    Schedule all you can before the holiday starts such as newsletters, social media and blogs. Hootsuite is great for social media and for newsletters you can use Mailchimp’s own scheduling system
  2. Delegate
    Outsource and/or delegate where you can to other members of staff or to a virtual assistant
  3. Communicate
    Let your clients know in advance when you’ll be out of the office and ask them to send you any work in advance so you can complete it in time

    Plan ahead for the school holiday

               Plan ahead for the holiday

  4. Be flexible with your hours
    If you can, occasionally work in the evenings to catch up, but don’t overdo it
  5. Prioritise
    Prioritise any important work so that it’s done early and leaves you less stressed
  6. Use your out of office
    Use your email and phone out-of-office to inform people when you’ll be available and stick to it! Point people to your website and in particular your FAQs to keep inquiries to a minimum.  Don’t forget to remove your out of office messages when you return after Christmas
  7. Don’t be proud
    If you have friends and family that have offered to help then don’t be too proud to accept it
  8. Keep an eye on your workload
    If you’re able to afford it try not to take on any new clients until Christmas is over

    Spend precious time with the family and have a rest

    Spend precious time with the family and                                 have a rest

  9. Spend time with your family
    Lastly and most importantly, this is a magical time of year so make time for yourself and enjoy the precious time with your family and friends.

    Have a wonderful Christmas. Get more of my business tips over on my Facebook page

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