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Never worked with a virtual assistant before?

If you’ve never worked with a virtual assistant before I offer a free, half an hour discovery phone consultation so we can discuss how I can help raise your business profile through marketing or save your business time and money with my admin support.  It doesn’t matter where you are located, we can still work together due to the virtual nature of my business.

My 19 years in the marketing industry (which includes my media degree and Chartered Institute of Marketing Qualification) means that I have the experience to help you achieve a structured marketing approach to your business, not just online but also offline, ensuring that you attract your ideal clients and grow your business. 

See a full list of the services I offer to help build your business brand, reputation and profile.   

More about my consultation:

The consultation is available via telephone and is to discuss my services, how they can benefit you and for me to learn more about your business (if you would like detailed marketing advice specific to your business then please book a slot from the ‘LVA can I pick your marketing brain?’ package).

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Call: 07794 358497


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