Services provided to help your small business grow…

Lighthouse Virtual Assistant offers the following services which can all be tailored to suit your individual business need.  Please contact me to discuss the work your require if it is not shown below.(Lighthouse Virtual Assistant does not work on a commission basis).

As you will see below my virtual assistant services include general admin support but specialise in helping small businesses with their marketing and social media.

  • Having a marketing plan is key to the success of your business and should go hand-in-hand with your business plan. Find out more: Marketing and PR
  • Social media is a great way to promote your business and to build trust and relationships with your current and potential clients but it can take time to plan, write and schedule so allow me to manage your social media accounts. Find out more: Social media
  • Let Lighthouse Virtual Assistant take on the necessary but time-consuming tasks in your business allowing you to spend more time with your clients.  Find out more: Businesses support and administration
  • The LVA ‘can I pick your marketing brain?’ package came to fruition as many customers asked if they can just ‘pick my brain’ to get some advice on their marketing and PR for their business. Find out more: The LVA ‘can I pick your brain?’ package
  • If you are a small business with a team of staff that needs an insight to ‘kick start their marketing’ or you belong to a networking or industry group that could do with some marketing help then I am available to come along and give a presentation. Find out more: Public speaking
  • For other virtual assistants: To help you on your journey I offer two packages that will equip you with all the support, knowledge and tools you need to get your business off the ground and learn how to become a successful virtual assistant.
  • Digital marketing can really help in promoting your small business and Lighthouse Virtual Assistant can provide the following services to help you achieve this. Find out more: Digital marketing services

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