My chosen charity – Mitrofanoff Support

I have decided to support a registered charity that is very close to my heart, called Mitrofanoff Support. Mitrofanoff is the name of a medical procedure designed in 1976 by French Professor Paul Mitrofanoff. The surgery is performed if patients are unable to empty their bladders in the usual manner due to a birth defect (such as spina bifida) or due to cancer where the bladder has had to be removed.

The operation process forms a channel between the bladder and the wall of the abdomen to allow intermittent self-catheterisation 4-6 times a day (this is where a catheter is inserted into the tummy button where the channel has been formed, or via a stoma site on the side of the tummy, to empty the bladder).

The mitrofanoff procedure

                      The mitrofanoff procedure

For a patient the mitrofanoff enables them to maintain dignity and means that there is no need to have an indwelling catheter or wear a stoma bag.

Mitrofanoff Support was founded in early 2010 by Kyla Rogers and was the first support group for the procedure globally. Kyla herself had the operation in 1998 and wanted to provide peer-to-peer support to others.

On 2nd February 2012 the charity became Registered in England and Wales (number 1145382) and provides much needed emotional support, reassurance, information and networking to its members. Mitrofanoff Support’s Board Members, Trustees, Advocates and Volunteers donate their time and skills to oversee the aims and objectives of the Charity. The charity also works with healthcare professionals and hospital trusts to help improve the education from a patient perspective.

I support the charity with their marketing and social media strategy and am very proud to be part of their team. We are always looking for businesses to support us as their charity of the year so if you can help please email or if you’d like to make a one off or long term donation to help sustain the work of the charity then they’d be immensely grateful.

Read more about Mitrofanoff Support


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