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7 fab tips for business blogging

Blogging is a fabulous way of building relationships with people.  It is also a great way of getting fresh content onto your website which helps with your Google ranking and you can direct people to your blog via your social media platforms.  If you’re stuck with what to write about, imagine your ideal customer and then give them advice so that they think of you in the future when they need to use your service or buy your product.  Have a look at more of my blog posts to get a few ideas. Below are seven of my top tips to help get you started:

  1. Be patient
    When you first start blogging it will take time for people to find your material so don’t be disheartened if no one comments for a while.

    Be patient, allow time for people to find your blog

    Be patient

  2. Make time to blog
    Schedule slots in your weekly calendar and include blogging in your marketing strategy.  Be consistent with your posts and write at least once a week.
  3. Interview a guest
    Interview someone relevant to your industry and use this as your blog.  The person you interview will hopefully be kind enough to also then share your blog.
  4.  Guest blog
    Blog for other people – this is called guest blogging. Also, comment on other blogs that interest you. This is a great way of building business relationships.
  5. Call to action
    Use a call to action in your blog.  Let people know where they can find you such as Facebook or Twitter.

    Blog often

    Create content that is of value to your                           ideal customer

  6. Record a video blog
    Video blogs (vlogs) are great and they don’t need to be a Steven Spielberg production! They are a fantastic way of showing the real you and getting your audience to connect with you.  Check out some of my vlogs.
  7. Measure your goals
    Make sure you measure the success of your blog.  Is it closing sales or pushing people to your website?

If you would like copy written for your own blog then please email me. For more marketing tips pop over and find me on Facebook

What is branding?

Richard Branson's take on branding

Richard Branson’s take on branding

In a nutshell branding is what makes you stand out from your competitors.  It tells your customers what they can expect from your service or product. A strong brand is distinctive and memorable.  It defines who you are, where you want to be and who the public perceive you to be.

Marketing and branding are not the same.  Marketing is what you do and branding is what you are.

The brand is the name, design, symbol, term or other feature that makes your goods or service different from your competitor.  A brand name is spoken, letters, numbers or words i.e. Cadbury.

Buyers like brands as it helps them to distinguish the product that they prefer.  It may also offer a psychological reward.  For example when people buy a Rolex or Jaguar.

Branding also helps the seller.  It can be valuable in indicating repeat purchasing and help when introducing new products i.e. Cadbury has Dairy Milk, Chocolate Buttons and the Twirl all under its prestigious brand.

Other areas of branding take place at a corporate level.  This may include a logo, company name and the business’s underlying values.  Corporate branding should play a role in guiding all of the company’s marketing.

If you provide products then packaging and labelling are important attributes to your brand. A huge number of decisions are taken with regards to the aesthetic and structural choice of packaging.  Typography, material, layout are just some of the choices to be made.  Labelling is also important and is used for legal and promotional purposes as well as grabbing the buyer’s attention.

As you can see branding is a complex subject.  If you need help with yours then feel free to give me call on 01303 647101 or email