7 time saving tips for busy business owners

Time – you can never get it back

As a busy business owner time is precious and time is money.  Being organised can help you achieve so much and help you really focus on giving your customers the best service they deserve.  If you can get this right the PR surrounding your business will be fabulous which means people will recommend you,  and relationships and trust with current clients will continue to grow from strength to strength.

As a virtual assistant I help business owners to save time daily, it’s what I’m here for, to help them with those necessary but time-consuming tasks so they can focus on their clients.  Below I give you seven of my tips to get you organised by saving time.

My top time-saving tips:

  1. Get help with your admin
    Can you get help with your admin tasks?  If you’re spending too much time on your admin (which doesn’t actually make you an money) try and outsource it so you can focus on the more important aspects of your business.
  2. Remove distractions! 
    We all get so distracted in today’s world. Do you really need to check your personal social media page every half an hour or keep opening your emails?  Put aside a set amount of time per day to open and respond to your emails and then focus on other tasks.  Leave your Facebook page alone until your coffee or lunch break. If you work from home make sure your friends and family understand they can’t contact you during work hours.

    Shut down social media

    Shut down social media

  3. Automate tasks
    If you can automate tasks do so.  Can you write and schedule your weekly social media posts (with Hootsuite) and some of your emails (with MailChimp)?  Try and automate your bills but be careful to keep an eye on your budget.
  4. Write a to-do list and stick to it
     Prioritise your list so all the important tasks are done first.  It’s quite satisfying ticking off the things you’ve done!  It’s also a good idea to make a
    personal to-do list as well so you don’t feel overwhelmed trying to get that work/life balance.

    I love a 'to-do' list!

    I love a ‘to-do’ list!

  5. Don’t put things off
    If you have tasks that need to be completed weekly – such as your invoicing – try and organise to do them on the same day each week so you get into the habit of completing them. More importantly, don’t keep putting things off!
  6. Do the jobs you hate first
    Always try and complete the worst task of the day first.  There’s always a job in your business that you’re never going to enjoy so try and tackle this head on in the morning so it’s out of the way.
  7. Finally don’t be too hard on yourself!
    Make sure you have a coffee and lunch break, you’ll be more productive if you do.  This goes for if you work from home as well.

    Take time out for a break

    Take time out for a break

If you have any other time-saving tips feel free to share them in the comments box below.

If you need help with your admin and/or marketing and are looking to outsource it then give me a call on 01303 647101 or email rachel@lighthouseva.co.uk for a no-obligation discussion to see how I can help you.

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